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Hulahoop table

Sales price Da € 4.087,00
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Manufacturer: Bonaldo
SKU:TAVHULBONCategory: Tables and coffee tables.
Hulahoop is inspired by its name from the popular game connoted by the idea of movement.

Hulahoop is a family of tables inspired since its name by the popular game, which consists of rotating a large circle around the body. Precisely the circle is the reference figure of the base, consisting of rings placed side by side and empty inside that develop in space and visually overlap, offering an image that is always different depending on the viewing angles. The result is an object with a playful and dynamic image, which is balanced by
minimal design of the plan. Hulahoop offers numerous combinations of materials and sizes. The top - with lines without sharp edges, simple and clean - is in fact available in different types of marble, wood, ceramic and crystal. The decorative base is made of metal painted in numerous shades or with a burnished finish.

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