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Arper creates chairs, tables and furnishing accessories for the community, work and home.
Our approach is relationship-oriented, and translates into a design aimed at aesthetics and usability; from a global, innovative and personalized service point of view; in the enhancement of local contexts within the internationalization strategies; in organizational policies that are always based on transparency and the maintenance of a solid and coherent brand identity.

A FAMILY STORY - We were born in 1989 as a family business. We have grown rapidly: from simple furniture manufacturers, a design brand with an international reach. Our approach - inclusive, centered on people - has accompanied the growth of turnover and employees: the latter have gone from a few tens to a few hundreds within a few years.

OUR APPROACH TO DESIGN - Creating a new product means taking care: of every phase of its development - from design, to production, to its environmental impact. We do it by combining form and function, always with great attention to detail: the final synthesis is perfect, in its elegance.

A UNIQUE SENSITIVITY - Our design idea supports the versatility of essential shapes. Over time, our approach has developed from six founding sectors.
Balance, Family, Intuition, Lightness, Color, Play.