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From the most prestigious private houses to the best hotel chains,

to the most exclusive restaurants.

2020 Indoor Collection

The 2020 Collection gives new impetus to Flexform's own aesthetic-design code with numerous proposals in the name of a lifestyle characterized by relaxed elegance, beyond time and fashion. The new seating systems, characterized by a strong personality and a high level of comfort, become the protagonists of a domestic space conceived as a real ecosystem of elements.

2020 Outdoor Collection

The new outdoor collection brings together a plurality of stimuli and suggestions that give life to a series of new proposals designed to furnish outdoor spaces such as verandas, terraces and gardens in the name of ideal continuity of style between indoor and outdoor environments, sign of a relaxed lifestyle, which combines elegance and comfort.

2020 Mood Collection

A collection of sofas, armchairs, chairs and accessories with a classic imprint reinterpreted in a contemporary key. An idea of ​​modern and contemporary decoration that is expressed in a cultured and sophisticated research of shapes and fabrics, which create chromatic effects and combinations of highly refined textures.